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Butte Civic Center Concert



 Main Arena

  • 7,500 Seats (3,500 permanent, 4,000 portable)

  • 10 Luxury Seats, 30’ Ceilings

  • Bose Sound System

  • Unlimited Floor Load

  • Basketball Floor

  • Volleyball Floor with three regulation size courts, nets, & portable standards (Also, one court in the Annex.)

  • New Interactive Daktronics Scoreboard for All Events

  • Two 12’ x 15’ Screens , Two HD Projectors

  • 14’ x 13’ Freight Door(s)

  • On-Site Parking: 1,500

  • Utilities: Water, Gas, Power, WIFI, Streaming Capabilities, Cable TV

  • Two ATM machines

  • Hospitality Room with Kitchen

  • $2,500 Avg. Daily Rental Fee Main Arena (depending on needs)

  • $750 Avg. Daily Rental Fee Annex

  • Market Population within a 65-mile radius 110,000

Seating Configurations

  • Concerts: 7,000 

  • Basketball: 6,250

  • Volleyball: 4,000 (3 Courts)

  • MMA/Boxing: 7,000

Exhibit Area

  • 20,000 sq ft Main Arena

  • 9,500 sq ft Annex


  • 5,000 Seats

  • 7 Dressing Rooms

Banquet Capacity

  • 2,000 People

  • Meeting Rooms

  • TV/Projection Facilities

  • 1200 Chairs, 72-6ft Round Tables, 150 8ft Tables


Rodeo Equipment

  • Bucking Chutes

  • Timed Event Chutes

  • Stock Loading Chutes

  • Gates & Heavy Duty Panels

Pipe & Drape

  • 8’ black – 400’

  • 8' champagne - 300'

  • 12’ black – 250’

  • 3’ red, black, royal blue – 400’

Table Skirts (Indoor Use)

  • Qty: 60 black

Wenger Stage

  • 4’ x 8’ stage: 114 pieces

  • Stairs: 7 sets

  • Numerous Clips

  • Railing: 28 – 8’ sections

  • 8 – 4’ sections

12” Riser

  • 4’ x 8’ – qty 4

  • 4’ x 6’ – qty 40


  • 700 Festival

  • 660 Civic Center


  • 8’ qty 120

  • 6’ qty 20

  • 6’ round qty 63

Man Lift

  • Single, 35’, Electric, Cordless


  • 3,000lb capacity

Car Pad Rental

  • Available to Businnesses on as a monthly rental

  • Prime Spot on Harrison Ave.

Butte Civic Center Car Pad


  • 10,000 sq ft

  • Regulation Size Basketball Court

  • Restrooms

  • Portable Bleachers Available

  • $750 Avg. Daily Rental Fee Annex

Annex Home To:

  • BBS Park & Rec Pickleball

  • BSB Adult Volleyball League

  • Gun Shows

  • Mineral & Gem Shows

  • Public gatherings up to 500 People

  • COVID Testing

  • Drive thru Vaccinations

Wifi Access

WiFi passcodes are only available to the promoter and will not be given out to patrons for public use.

Disabled Guest Services

ADA compliant seating is available on the arena floor in the general admission pricing category. If you require disabled seating or special accommodations, be sure to communicate your needs to our ticket agent via phone. Online sales of ADA Compliant seating is currently being developed. In the meantime, please call our ticket office if you have already purchased tickets online and need special seating.

ATM Cash Machines

ATM Cash Machines are available in the Civic Center Lobby and main entrance Foyer. ATMs are available for public access during normal business hours and during all events scheduled with in the facility.

Outdoor Facilities

The Butte Civic Center hosts numerous events each year that include use of the public areas outside of the building. These areas include space for 1500 vehicles, and can be utilized for various event and gatherings. If you are planning to attend an event that utilizes our outdoor facilities, please contact the event operator for usage details, including parking. Our Guest Services Office can also answer your questions.

Internet Facilities

To arrange for indoor or outdoor Internet Access services, including but not limited to static IP addresses, public network subnets, private network subnets, special wired or WiFi services, related to an event being hosted by the Butte Civic Center, please utilize the contact information provided below:

Digital Junction Networks

Network Facilities & Engineering

406.299.1154 Ext 5050

WiFi Network Facilities

406.299.1154 Ext 5050

Technical Support

406.299.1154 Ext 1

Special Facilities Engineering & Construction charges apply for customized facilities.

Safety Inspections

The Butte Civic Center and/or local, state or federal authorities may require public safety inspections to events when required by the event operator, or when there is an anticipated need. The public safety inspection will be utilized to ensure that banned items and illegal items are not allowed through any of the entry doors. Prohibited items may include but not be limited to:

  • Weapons

  • Cans or Bottles

  • Video Cameras

  • Recording Devices

  • Cameras

  • Large Purses

  • Fireworks

  • Noise Makers

  • Outside Food

  • Illegal Drugs

  • Drug Paraphernalia

  • Outside Alcohol

  • Laser Pointers

  • Throwable Items

  • Backpacks

  • Non-Service Animals

  • Coolers

  • Outside Beverages

Merchandise Stands

Merchandise availability depends on the specific event. Stands for the sale of merchandise, memorabilia, and the like are located at the west end of the Butte Civic Center in the entrance lobby. Merchandising stands are operated by event operators and not the Civic Center. Purchases or other transactions of any kind from an event operator is solely between the purchaser and seller and is not the responsibility of the Butte-Silver Bow County Civic Center.

Convention and large meeting event operators may have a large number of tables set up for registration, collection of fees and the sales of merchandise. Please contact the convention or meeting operator for locations and specific details.

Concession Stands

The Butte Civic Center offers a wide variety of Food and Beverages at our two main concession stands, at the west end of the north and south access corridors of the main arena. Our Pizza & Nut stand in the northwest corner offers cinnamon glazed nuts and pizza during select events. And of course don’t forget to check out the Candy Store in the southwest corner of the arena for candy, frozen treats and soft pretzels.

Liquor Policy & Sales

Liquor may NOT be packed into the Civic Center by guests at any time. Liquor may NOT be in the possession of or consumed by any person younger that 21 years of age. Violations of this policy will be referred to law enforcement.

The sale of Liquor with in the Civic Center is event dependent and is the sole responsibility of the event operator and a third party entity with a bar-catering license. When liquor is sold with in the Civic Center, we try to provide a non-liquor section with in the arena, for those who do not want to sit where liquor is being consumed. Please contact our Guest Services Office for more information.

Public Restrooms

Numerous restrooms and baby changing stations are located through out the Civic Center. Female restrooms include changing stations.

Arena North Corridor


Number: 2

Changing Station: Yes


Number: 2

Changing Station: No

Arena South Corridor


Number: 2

Changing Station: Yes


Number: 2

Changing Station: No

East Annex Facility


Number: 1

Changing Station: Yes


Number: 1

Changing Station: No

Venue Photo Gallery

Venue Photo Gallery

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